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Don't you just wish I'd go to bed?

Okay, so I took this...'nuff said.

Big Long NSYNC Survey Thing

What made you become an *NSYNC fan?

I was at my bestfriend's house, and we were gettin' into Nsync, and the girl across the street had her Nsync cd blaring so we were like "We've got to get that!" So we did. And I've been hooked since.

If your favorite *NSYNC'er was just a normal guy, walking down the street, would you like them?
Hell yes. And they are just normal guys...just a tad famous.

If you could spend a day with one of them, who would it be with and what would you do?
Definitely Chris because he just seems so kind and, of course, hilarious. I doubt there'd be a boring moment. And, yeah, he's hot.

Did you like them in the very beginning, or did you think they were another NKOTB?
Okay, so when I first heard I Want You Back, I thought it was BSB, and I really didn't (and still don't) like BSB, but I thought it was a really cool song. And then I heard that it was Nsync, not BSB.

Have you ever gone out of state (or really far away) to see them?
I would if I could. I might get to see Joey on Broadway, if that would count.

What music video is your favorite?
I Drive Myself Crazy.

Which video tape is your favorite?
I love the Reel Nsync. Nothing like seeing them on home footage.

Which is your favorite album?
Celebrity because of Falling, and Home for Christmas because Chris sings a lot on that one.

What is your favorite song on No Strings Attached?
I Thought She Knew, No Stings Attached, Bye Bye Bye, and Digital Getdown

What is your favorite song on *NSYNC?
I Drive Myself Crazy and Sailing

What is your favorite song on Celebrity?
Falling, hands down, with Up Against the Wall and Two of Us as runners up.


Do you like the name *NSYNC?
Yeah, it fits them well.

Who's your favorite *NSYNCer?
Chris, because he makes me laugh and inspires me to the point of no return.

Who's the cutest?
Chris. I mean, those big brown eyes? Come on.

I'll say Chris again. He seems like a very caring individual.

Chris of course.

Most Hyper?
Chris, again.

Biggest Party Animal?
Chriiiiiiiiiis. Then Joey.

Best All Around?


Best voice?
Chris...he has an amazing range.

Best hair?
...you know what I'm going to say...

Best body?
JC (yes, a different answer finally!)

Best smile?

Best dressed?
Chris, but Joey and JC do give me a laugh now and then.

Best personality?
Well, I don't know them...but I'd say Chris.

Best eyes?

Best baby picture?
Little baby Chrissy-poo

Best looking in a wife beater?
Justin and JC

[Choose one...]

Cornrows or Fro?
Wifebeater or shirtless? Shirtless
Looking innocent or devilish? Devilish
JRT or NSYNC necklace? JRT
His voice in "This I Promise You" or "Digital Getdown"? Digital Getdown
Bandana or curls? Curls
Short fro or big fro? Short
Tight pants or falling down pants? Falling down
Justin when *NSYNC first began or Justin now? Then

[Choose one...]

Dreds or haircut?
Chris singing "I Drive Myself Crazy" or "Stayin Alive"? I Drive Myself Crazy
With or without braces? Either
On the Winter Album or Home For Christmas? Either
Chris picking on Joey or Chris picking on Justin? Picking on Justin
Dressing like Justin or dressing like JC? Justin
Chris when *NSYNC started or Chris now? Both

[Choose one...]

Red hair or brown hair?
Red tips or black hair? Red tips
Joey's jokes or Joey's flirtiness? Both
With or without eyebrow piercing? lol Either
Spikes or slicked back hair? Spikes
With or without facial hair? With
Flirty Joey or serious Joey? Both
Joey's voice or looks? Both
Joey when *NSYNC began or Joey now? Now

[Choose one...]

Bowl-cut or spikes?
Black hair with blond top or blond? Blond
Black or blue hair? Blue
His eyes or his lips? Eyes
Lance in "Everything I Own" or "Giddy up"? Everything I Own
His body or his personality? Both
His dancing or his business-mind? Dancing
Lance when *NSYNC began or Lance now? Then

[Choose one...]

Light brown hair or dark brown hair?
Fake tattoos or no? No
Facial hair or not? Not
His eyes or his body? Both
His voice in "Digital Getdown" or "This I Promise You"? This I Promise You
The lyrics he wrote to "Space Cowboy" or "No Strings Attached"? No Strings Attached
JC as a baby or on MMC? MMC
His lyrics or his singing? Singing
JC when *NSYNC began or JC now? Then

[Choose one...]

*NSYNC, Home For Christmas, No Strings Attached, or Celebrity?

Home For Christmas

"Tearin' Up My Heart" or "I Want You Back"?
I Want You Back

"Bye, Bye, Bye" or "It's Gonna Be Me"?
Bye Bye Bye

"This I Promise You" or "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You"?

"Giddy Up" or "Digital Getdown"?
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