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Hmm...Long time no update.

So Christmas is coming. Like a train. Next week. How very amazing that it just sneaks up like that. For me, anyway. I've gotten and wrapped most of everyone's gifts. I only got Mom a couple movies, a night shirt, and an ornament, but it all set me back about $50. Then I had to buy things for my mother and brother and sister and stepdad and cousin. That all cost me about...$60. Now I'm thinking about the money I could have in my wallet about now if only Christmas didn't exist. Oh well.

AIM's being a bitch. It only acts up when I want to chat. But whenever I'm in a bad mood it's fiiiiiine. That's life.

Johnny's going to be on in a few or else I would've been in bed by now. Mmmm Rzeznik.

Fucking AIM.

I got a thick ass splinter in my foot and boy was that fun pulling out. I hate splinters, especially in my feet. My hands I can deal with. But they always go for the feet.

I'm getting sick. I'm dreading it. By Christmas I'll probably be a snotty, coughing mess. It usually works out that way.

My nails are growing. They only look right when they're polished.

I put the lights and tinsel on the tree today. We have a funky tree.

la de da
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